About Us

What happens when a mother of four who is a successful corporate officer becomes a trained Doula? She uses her vast expertise to create progress through authentic empowerment for expecting and currently working mothers.

Who Are We

Corporate executives, doulas, career coaches and consultants purpose-built to help keep mothers in the workplace.

Our Mission

To help new mothers thrive without compromising their career while also ensuring the workplace is conducive to their success.

What We Do

We assess, inform, and deliver a customized service to improve operational culture and increase the rate of retention.

Jennell Lynch, Principal Founder & CEO

Jennell is a uniquely talented “working mom empowerment team” focused on removing cultural and institutional barriers for career women during pregnancy and beyond. After obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications and later a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management, Jennell consistently became an essential asset to teams and organizations in important spaces. Her career started as the Deputy Press Secretary for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and she rose up ever escalating levels of service and responsibility with the NFL Players Association, and into the heart of Global Finance through trade organizations. Jennell’s vast experiences combined with her ability to create genuine relationships through empowerment, led her to a partnership with Lindsay Michels, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer for the Executive Doula Agency.

Lindsay Michels, Co-Founder & CMO

Lindsay’s role as an essential support manager for a $6 billion-dollar finance operation along with the mentorship of a titan businesswoman, have been key influences in the efficiencies and standards she creates. As a working mother and wife, Lindsay’s modern intellect and sensitivity for the needs of expecting mothers and organizations is enhanced by her training as a DONA Trained Doula and ACBE Certified Childbirth Educator. Lindsay combines competency and capacity in the task of matching the communication culture of our clients with the solutions needed by working mothers in today’s hectic and unnatural work environment. Lindsay holds a BA in communications from Manhattan college in New York City.
“Throughout our careers, we both recognized that companies commonly lacked the internal support, knowledge, and resources working women, who are expecting or already mothers, deserve. As career executives working in male dominated industries and serving as trained doulas, our experiences deliver solutions with the granular details that will create a healthier workspace for working parents. We successfully navigate the intersection between career, birth, and personal life.”
The Executive Doula Agency Team

Why Choose Us?

Our service is unmatched with the hands-on support that most other platforms are lacking today. Especially in this space, it is crucial to not solely rely on technology or the engagement of employees in order to solve the issues that are causing women to leave their jobs.
Our Executive Doulas are not only certified in their training as birth and postpartum doulas, they are also certified in our workplace culture and career coach training program which is led by industry experts.

Our client base in nationwide, therefore we have teams of doulas across the country that are highly trained and equipped with every resource a new mom could possibly need. 

Our assessment team is comprised of veteran data scientists and researchers who are dedicated to obtaining all relevant data that is needed to make real changes within companies. These data points will also be reassessed to show results.
It can cost approximately 213% percent of an annual salary to replace one pregnant executive. Why not take the initiative to invest a portion of that into all of your current and future pregnant employee’s wellbeing so that it doesn’t come to that?