We are a transformational organization providing scientific operational assessments and support services for companies committed to equity and inclusion for working mothers. Our programs provide an array of both hands on and virtual services that improve operational culture, ensure smooth parental leave transitions and increase the rate of retention.

The Issue

Retaining working women, specifically new and expecting mothers, and the cost to replace and retrain.

Number of women in the workforce
Percentage of women that don’t return after the first pregnancy (Maven Report); 15% before the due date.
Percentage of salary to replace a pregnant executive.

Doula vs Executive Doula

DoulaExecutive Doula
DefinitionEmployed by an individual to provide guidance and support to a pregnant woman throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery.Employed by an employer to provide emotional and physical support during pregnancy and up to one year postpartum – assisting individual employees with navigating their transition in and out of the workplace.
TrainingTrained non-medical professional – background and experience variesTrained non-medical professional with a corporate, military or medical background. Receives ongoing workplace culture, employee and bias training.

The Solution

Choose the Executive Doula Agency

Benefit and wellness programs require so much more than individuals choosing which benefits to utilize. True wellness is about organizations empowering and employing individuals to be their best mentally and physically.
Making thoughtful changes in benefit and wellness programs that help you create a positive workplace culture.


The Executive Doula Agency has a process that will not only impact female employees, but will impact the entire organization. First, we perform a scientific organizational assessment to measure the preparedness and impacts of the cultural transformation that takes place when an employee gets pregnant. Next, we conduct our “Year One” educational programming led by industry experts to equip all employees with the knowledge needed to ensure changes and transitions run smoothly for everyone involved. The final piece is the individual Executive Doula service which prepares them for and supports them through the experience of childbirth, and provides ongoing professional resources and support services both in person and virtually up to one year postpartum.


Providing expecting mothers with an Executive Doula not only works to solve this issue of retention among women in the workforce, but it also provides those working moms with the support and tools they need to thrive both personally and professionally. Making thoughtful changes in what benefit and wellness programs you offer as well as developing a positive workplace culture is proven to increase morale and productivity within your company. The Executive Doula Agency’s process and services do all of that and more. As a result, you will attract the best emerging talent, properly support those employees and finally, lower turnover costs by increasing your retention rate.