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We support mothers in the workplace so that they thrive in their careers and motherhood.


Our scientific organizational assessment will measure your company’s preparedness for an expecting employee as well as the cultural impacts on the workplace now and in the future.


Our Year One educational programming is customized quarterly events, which can be delivered both in person and virtually, for ALL employees and is led by industry experts to ensure smooth transitions in and out of the workplace. 


Each expecting employee with be paired with an Executive Doula who will provide a workplace transition plan, an in-depth resource guide, plus ongoing professional career support both in person and remotely up to one year postpartum.

Services Tailored to Retain Talent

Executive Doula Agency is a transformational agency providing scientific operational assessments and support services for organizations committed to equity and inclusion for working mothers. Our programs provide an array of wrap around services that improve operational culture and increase the rate of retention.
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We know what you’re going through. We are parents. We are former executives. We run a business. We have been on both sides of the fence and have figured out the solution. Get to know us.